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About Us

Tehkom DOOEL Kochani is a leading company in the Republic of Macedonia operating in the construction area. Founded in 2000, the company has grown steadily and impressively ever since. Combining the efforts of highly skilled workforce, team work along with the own equipment, the company use to successful overcome the most complex business challenges. In its sector the company is distinguished by the fact that it is a licensed company for construction of “A category facilities”, as well as the ability of timely, prompt and efficient realization of the projects. Also, the company Tehkom DOOEL Kochani is specialized for building of prefabricated wood houses.
In the recent period, the company is oriented toward construction and building of industrial objects for foreign Investors, at the same time continuously adapting to diversity of their requirements and needs. Simultaneously the company takes care of minimizing the risks and optimizing of the costs and client’s deadlines.

Why choose us?

19+ years experience

Tehkom DOOEL Kochani has long-term experience on the market i.e. more than 19 years successful operation in construction sector. To all who follow Tehkom’s operations is well recognized the care for satisfaction of employees, considering the fact that the biggest part of them are in the company’s team more than 10 years. The maximum commitment of the employees in the long term lead to a special contribution to the progress of the company, their personal and professional growth and development, the expansion of the company’s capacities, further continuous improvement, and of course the most important, strengthening of the company’s ability to respond to all requirements and the challenges imposed by the business, and the participants in it.

Qualified experts

The expertise and qualified staff of the Tehkom DOOEL Kochani is contributing each project to be finished on the manner to be and to stay successful story for all included sides in it. The combination of experienced and proven staff along with young and ambitious staff is the biggest force that moves our company forward.

keep up with the trends

In order to keep up with the global construction trends, and at the same time to be a step forward, we continuously attend Trade Fairs For Architecture, Materials and Systems, as well trainings and professional meetings, but using the brand materials of leading known and reputable companies we prove that we are in step with the global changes and we are informed about the future of construction industry.

Materials that we use

The achieved level of overall knowledge of materials is an indicator of the achieved level of social development. Like other sectors, construction sector is constantly evolving and the trends come and go quickly. Hence, the knowledge of building materials is very important for their proper application and installation in the construction, and the use of materials from world renowned companies is an advantage distinguishing the company from other competitors in the field.